Team building

3½–4-hour-long caving tours with special challenges. The tours lead on unbuilt, natural parts of the Pál-völgyi cave system, a real labyrinth system, situated mostly under Budapest. All the teams are supervised by proffesional caving guides, either in Hungarian or English language. Team-work of all participants is needed during the tour, developing the team spirit. As special situations - which are not typical for everyday life - arise during the tour, improvisative decisions have to be made. Sense of orientation, strength, dexterity, problem solving ability are all needed.  It turns out who the real leaders are.

All the necessary equipment - overall, helmet, headlamp - is provided. You can change your clothes in changerooms, found at the cave entrance. Though one has to crawl, scramble or creep many times during the tour, no previous experience in caving is needed. 

Our guests were: ValóVilág Villa, Shell, Ericsson, Vodafone, Mellow Mood, TetraPak, Exxon Mobil, Magyar Villamos Művek Rt, E-on, Schlumberger.