Underground geography lessons

3–3½-hour-long caving tours in the longest cave of Hungary, the Pál-völgyi cave system, which is situated mostly under Budapest. The tours lead on unbuilt, natural parts of the cave, with the supervision of professional caving guides.  During the tour, the guides explain the formation of Budai mountains and its caves, demonstrate the cave formations, concretions and fossils. All the necessary equipment - overall, helmet, light - is provided. You can change your clothes in changerooms, found at the cave entrance. Though one has to crawl, scramble or creep many times during the tour, no previous experience in caving is needed.

Our underground geography lessons are organized by agreement with Duna Ipoly National Park

Children under 14 years need an approval from their parent to participate on the tour if the parent is not present at the tour. The form can be downloaded from here: parental approval form