Birthday caving

Are you looking for a place to celebrate your child's birthday? The party at home is not an option, because the energetic kids take your home apart? Are the fast food restaurants boring? Would you like to gift your child with an unforgettable experience? Surprise your kids with a birthday caving!

We suggest the unbuilt Pál-völgyi cave as a special birthday location, where the kids can take part in a 2.5-3 hours long caving tour with the help of professional caving guides. Here they can climb on rocks or crawl through narrow passages it doesn't matter if they get dirty. We provide the necessary equipment (overall in every size, helmet, headlamp), they only need to bring comfortable clothes under the overall and shoes that may get dirty . Children can take part on the tour from the age of 6 years.

Based on prior arrangement, it is possible to take the birthday cake


Children under 14 years need an approval from their parent to participate on the tour if the parent is not present at the tour. The form can be downloaded from here: parental approval form